Cake!: Nolan Ryan

It turns out that your Daguerreotype of the Evening fits in nicely with one of the most cherished and august of NotGraphs categories. Please regard …

As you can see, this delicious baked good features Rangers frowning supreme exchequer Nolan Ryan in his younger, less jowly days. He is behorsed. He is cocksure. He twice walked more than 200 batters in a season.

The Appreciator will also appreciate that there are plastic horses on the cake. This is a flourish that can rightly be called “delightful.” There are also healthy examples of high-plains flora on the cake. This is flourish that can rightly be called “verisimilitudinous.”

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I’m reserving judgement until I can confirm or deny that this cake is of the ice cream variety.


It can’t be an ice cream cake cause if it was it would be melting from the HIGH HEAT from Ryan’s arm!