Black Market GIF: Mike O’Neill’s Second Homer This Season

ON 8

The author would like to announce sans delay that — contrary to all of the rumors which have been totally swirling everywhere — that he acquired the animated GIF here of Cardinals prospect Mike O’Neill hitting his second home run of the season by entirely legal means and absolutely not in exchange for a tidy sum of cash on a street corner in Providence, Rhode Island, regardless of what supposed “photographic evidence” suggests.

The author would like to continue announcing that all of what he’s noted above applies to this still image below, as well, which indicates where O’Neill’s second homer this season landed at Arvest Ballpark in Springdale, Arkansas, on Wednesday (box).

ON Home Run

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9 years ago

Sources indicate that O’Neill was simply trying to foul the pitch off so he could work the count for a walk.

After an appeal to the umpire, O’Neill was allowed to stop at first base despite hitting the homerun. It was officially recorded as a BHR (Base Home Run).