Baseball Card Tourney: Pacella vs Alexander

It’s been a while since we checked in on the Baseball Card Tourney. It’s time to call the battle between Andre Dawson and Craig Biggio. Maybe it was never a battle — the three seed had a name that rhymed with awesome, after all. The rook and his disgusted look didn’t stand a chance. Dawson moves on.

In our next #3 versus #6 battle, we have two lesser known players getting ready to do battle. One of them won 100 games in the major leagues, so he gets the #3 seed. But maybe we’ll get a close one this time. Eh boys?

#3 1981 Topps Doyle Alexander
Man I was just six games short of 200 wins, so don’t sell me short. Even if I couldn’t strike anyone out, I was better than league average here. And! My card says I pitched for the Yankees in the ’76 series, so I got that going for me. Pitched for eight different teams, so I got around. Aw snap, as the kids say. But right now I have to go to the bathroom. Like pretty bad. Powder blue, out.

#6 1981 Topps John Pacella
Man if my card didn’t tell me I was unique I wouldn’t know it. A 148 ERA- in just under 200 major league innings… I walked more people than I struck out… It took me nine years to start 21 games, you know. That doesn’t hardly seem unique. This gets me hot. Goddammit, it’s enough to…

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Pitching your hat off = win


Arms, legs and recently freed hair flying everywhere is just bonus points.


Couldn’t agree more.


For me, it was close, cause both cards kinda suck. But the hat was the tiebreaker.