A Multitudinous Daguerreotype

A daguerreotype and then 10 observations regarding that daguerreotype …

1 – Gary Carter really was happy all the time, even while being mobbed by the Québécois.

2 – Mr. Carter is in the midst of what you might call “The French-Canadian Captive Embrace.”

3 – The kid atop shoulders is wearing a mime’s shirt.

4 – That other kid is wearing Ron Kittle’s glasses.

5 – You can’t buy those kind of cameras anymore.

6 – The kid in the Playboy shirt raises three possibilities with regard to his upbringing: his parents are burdened with a cultural ignorance of dimensionless dimensions; his parents have a robust sense of humor, or; his parents give not a shit.

7 – The cackling young lady to Mr. Carter’s right, the one with the coconuts smile of a mega-church organist, is surely a disembodied head.

8 – Mr. Carter was not a “velvet rope” type of guy. Hence the bull rope.

9 – That is an actual sunbeam you see. Mr. Carter was followed by them everywhere.

10 – The roof of Stade olympique is actually closed in this photo. What you see is not the sun but rather a heavenly and riverine glow. Mr. Carter was followed by it everywhere.

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Is that a mime shirt or the standard unisex apparel for Brittany-region tourists? The humorous observation from the (entertaining) travelogue program “No Reservations” was that no *real* French people actually wear that shirt.

Which is funny because this person’s from…Quebec.