A GIF and a Poem for Josh Donaldson



they tell us (josh donaldson)
to live in the moment,
each moment

never stopping to think
living a million lives of
blood-blind courage

to twerk like nobody’s watching
to toss out our receipts
to have another

they tell us, the old men
with the hang gliders and cocaine
who cried yolo before yolo

but you and I know
(josh donaldson)
these men are fools

because the moment in the air
means nothing
without the moment



Patrick Dubuque is a wastrel and a general layabout. Many of the sites he has written for are now dead. Follow him on Twitter @euqubud.

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Hitler But Sadder
9 years ago

Snap Snap Snap (Those are my fingers snapping. Is that still the cool thing to do at poetry readings? I learned everything I know about poetry etiquette from watching Doug Funny’s older sister)