Pushing Cars Up-Hill: Dick Allen’s Scouting Report (1970)

The Dodgers 1970 scouting report of Dick Allen:


Dick Allen doesn’t need a country. Doesn’t need a position. His country is his steely gaze. His position is that you should go to hell with your judgments.

He’ll fill those holes in his bat when he God-damn feels like it. Dick Allen is tired of you reporting on his potential, too. Go to the next man, see if he cares. (Author’s note: Allen was traded to the Dodgers the year after this report was written.)

You don’t win Rookie of the Year and become an All-Star by pushing cars downhill, dickweed. Cars need to go up. Dick Allen is the man to make that happen.

(Report provided by the National Baseball Hall of Fame.)

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Tried harder than the year before….classic! And I don’t think SABR analysis will ever provide greater insight than comparing a player to a rental car company.