Charlie Blackmon Info: Charlie Blackmon Homered Today

What the reader might not know — but is certainly going to find out following the completion of this unnecessary em-dashed aside — is that, among the categories to which NotGraphs authors can assign their posts, there’s one called Charlie Blackmon Info.

“Why is there a category called Charlie Blackmon Info?” a reader might ask — nor does the author have any intention of discouraging the reader’s natural curiosity. Still, asking that question, one might as well also ask, “How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?” Or: “How, after managing to get a moonbeam into your hand, do you make sex to it?”

Some questions, in other words, are unable to be answered — or, at the very least, unable to be answered without the aid of a harrowing diagram.

In any case, the purpose of this particular edition of Charlie Blackmon Info is to alert the entire world that (a) in his third plate appearance of the season, recently promoted Colorado outfield Charlie Blackmon homered and that (b) the author has commemorated Blackmon’s home run in American GIF form, with the caveat that (c) the video quality of the GIF isn’t particularly great, because (d) the author’s modem is working poorly, even though (e) the author’s wife has repeatedly reminded him to call for repair, while (f) the author has secretly prayed in his heart for the problem to resolve itself.

All of which is to say:

Blackmon HR 2

Carson Cistulli has published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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The Return of Rambo Diaz
10 years ago

Now that’s what I call a high-quality, Union-made, American GIF. Not one of those crap foreign GIFs like you get on those discount sites.