Bob Uecker Reveals True Truth of Dempster Trade

For the lay fan, the circumstances surrounding the Ryan Dempster trade (or lack thereof) to Atlanta are what might be called “murky at best.”

For Bob Uecker, however, everything is illuminated — and, just as one wouldn’t hide a light under a bushel, it would be the very picture of absurdity for the author not to share with the readership Bob Uecker’s (and, it should be noted, Joe Block’s) totally accurate and non-fictional report on the trade in question.

From WTMJ Radio’s Tuesday night broadcast of the Phillies and Brewers:[audio:]

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11 years ago

At this point, Brewers baseball just gets in the way of Storytime With Bob.

11 years ago
Reply to  Toasty

It usually has. And to be honest, it makes it easier to deal with another stinker of a season. He’s the most important piece of the organization in these times.