Actional GIF: Tampa Prospect Grayson Garvin’s Breaking Ball

The author needn’t really mention that left-handed Tampa Bay prospect Grayson Garvin was born and raised in Georgia. Indeed, history dictates that there are only two sorts of people in this world who could reasonably have that name: those who were either (a) born in Georgia or (b) born in Georgia but then subsequently killed while serving in the European Theatre of World War II. That left-handed Tampa Bay prospect Grayson Garvin is alive and not dead reveals which sort of Grayson Garvin he is.

Indeed, it isn’t Grayson’s biography which the author cares to address here, at all. Rather, why we’ve all gathered at this internet post is for the purposes of inspecting Garvin’s breaking ball — in this case, as it appeared during the young Georgian’s Arizona Fall League start of November 9th.

Here’s the first example of it — in this case, to Kansas City outfield prospect Lane Adams:

And here’s the second one — in this case, to other outfield prospect Stefen Romero, of the Mariners system:

What does one find? That it has an intense and complex aroma with citrus and pine notes, probably. Probably also that its mouthfeel really attacks the tongue. Has it a thickness that makes it unique but not strange? Does it demonstrate excellent retention and equally excellent lacing? Yes and yes and yes, is the answer.

Carson Cistulli has published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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Ruth Ginsburg
9 years ago

Smells like Vanerbilt vermillion