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GIF: Matt Harvey’s Changeup From Five Minutes Ago

In his very exciting debut, Matt Harvey threw only six changeups — and, per Texas Leaguers’ PITCHf/x data, received zero swings and misses on same.

Through one inning in San Francisco tonight, Matt Harvey had recorded at least two whiffs on his change — against a hitter, in San Francisco’s Melky Cabrera, who has posted just a 5.5% swinging-strike rate and the sixth-most linear-weight runs above average against changeups.

Regard, with an 0-1 count:

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Ruben Amaro, Jr. Likes Green, Trading Outfielders

Oh hi. I didn’t see you there. I’m Ruben Amaro, Jr. and I was just leaning on this railing, thinking about a couple of things that I really enjoy: the color green, and trading major league outfielders.

Hehehehe. Hi.

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Carl Jung’s First-Hand Account of Matt Harvey’s Debut

“Take your glasses off to truly see,” Carl Jung never said or wrote or even thought.

The present author has made no attempt to hide his enthusiasm regarding Mets right-hander Matt Harvey’s excellent debut this past Thursday (box).

A brief inspection of the internet reveals the present author isn’t the only one to have noted the profundity of Harvey’s start, though. What follows, for example, is a first-hand account of influential Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s own personal experience of Harvey’s 11-strikeout performance.

It was as if I were in an ecstasy. I felt as though I were floating in space, as though I were safe in the womb of the universe — in a tremendous void, but filled with the highest possible feeling of happiness. “This is eternal bliss,” I thought. “This cannot be described; it is far too wonderful!”

Life, D’Angelo Jimenez Plod Onward

It’s not a big deal or anything, but last Friday marked my thirty-fourth birthday. I’ve never really been big on birthdays; the cake is fine, but the singing and the attention and the sincere well-wishing of acquaintances I can do without. Even-numbered birthdays are even worse, because you can look back at where your halfway mark was, and watch how it steadily increases. Half my life ago, I was a high school senior, playing four-chord songs on the guitar and sweeping up a hardware store on the weekends. With each passing year, the number of baseball players older than me is dwindling in logarithmic fashion toward Moyerdom.

D’Angelo Jimenez is still older than me. He is a thirty-four year old baseball player. Half his life ago, he was a seventeen year-old baseball player. Between those two endpoints, this happened:

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Curt Schilling is to Bill Gates as NotGraphs is to ???

Jason Schwartz of Boston Magazine has written an incredible article about Curt Schilling and the demise of 38 Studios, his video-game company that fell into bankruptcy last month. I don’t know that I’ve read a better magazine piece this year. You should absolutely read the whole thing, but a few highlights:

By 2006, Curt Schilling had earned more than $90 million playing baseball, not including endorsements. But what he really aspired to was being “Bill Gates rich.”

Once, after an IT guy’s rottweiler died, Schilling presented him with a brand-new pup during an all-staff meeting.

“He really needed Company 101,” [former CEO] Close told them. “For example, the whole concept of vacation was foreign to Curt. He actually said, ‘People get weekends off, right?’” Schilling at one point suggested that people work 14 straight days and then take five days off. It jibed with his baseball experience.

Schilling comes off in the piece as naive but not evil. He thought he could create a successful software company with the same willpower that had him pitching through injury. But software, alas, is not about physical ability.

I recommend avoiding any future investment in Bryce Harper’s new Internet startup or Mike Trout’s food services distribution company. (Trout Trout, perhaps?)

Birth of a Meme: #MLBHugs

Early reporting on the Geovany Soto and Reed Johnson deals came from eyewitness reports of… hugging. The players hugged each other as they said their goodbyes, and a meme was born:

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Time Lincecum GIF Finalists

In the great Win a Watch with Time Lincecum’s Face on It GIF Contest 2012, we have some finalists. You’ll have to jump to see em. Your vote counts (in that it’ll be one of a certain number of votes).

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Poll: Who Should Buy Guy Tickets to See Band?

First, the scene-setting Tweet:

And now the urgent query …

Hot Internet call-to-action poll served up hot.

Totally Unaltered Tweet: Phillies Prospect Colin Kleven

The following tweet is entirely and in-no-way altered from the original (click to embiggen):

A Very Brief Message for Max Scherzer in re Tonight

To the Very Talented and Enigmatic Max Scherzer, Detroit Pitcher:

With regard to your start tonight against Boston — with regard to all your future starts, really — allow me to note, Mr. Scherzer, that you needn’t cross the Pennine or Graian hills, or traverse the Candavian waste, or face the Syrtes, or Scylla, or Charybdis in order to fully realize your innate excellence; the journey for which Nature has equipped you is safe and pleasant. She has given you such gifts that you may, if you do not prove false to them, rise level with God.

With All Due Reverence,
Carson Cistulli